Past Accomplishments

  • 346 Davenport

    346 Davenport

    A boutique nine-storey luxury condominium building with 30 units. Construction will take place in 2020 and 2021.

  • Monaco Condos

    Monaco Condos

    Monaco is a new development in Collingwood, consisting of 127 suites in a six-storey building, for YYZed Construction Management. Work begins in late 2019.

  • Lighting retrofit for TCHC at 5 Needle Firway

    Lighting retrofit for TCHC at 5 Needle Firway

    Upgrading of lighting, and other electrical work, at this public housing apartment building near Jane & Finch. The work is for Alpeza General Contracting, as part of a larger energy retrofit project. The work gets underway in fall 2019.

  • Fire Alarm Audibility Upgrades for TCHC

    Fire Alarm Audibility Upgrades for TCHC

    The supply, installation, and verification of new fire alarm systems for three TCHC occupied residential buildings at 1 Church, 25 Bishop Tutu, and 75 Dowling. The scope of work includes new speakers, heat detectors, smoke detectors, pull stations, and a new fire alarm control panel along with annunciator.

  • 199 Church

    199 Church

    A 39-storey condo with 486 suites for Centrecourt Developments. Zerem is supplying and installing the lighting, distribution, EV charging system, emergency natural gas generator, fire alarm system, heat tracing, as well as installing all electrical meters and sub-meters. The project is underway as of 2022 and occupancy is expected in 2024.

  • 100 Eastdale

    100 Eastdale

    New 484-unit rental apartment development for DBS Developments consisting of a 35-storey tower and a 7-storey mid-rise. Zerem’s work includes supply and installation of the distribution system, fire alarm system, emergency generator, garage CO system, EV chargers, and installation of lighting fixtures. Construction is under way as of early 2022.

  • Fire Pumps at 13 TCHC Buildings

    Fire Pumps at 13 TCHC Buildings

    The supply and installation of fire pumps & controllers, electrical wiring and conduits, mechanical installations as well as testing & commissioning of new fire pumps at 13 different buildings for Toronto Community Housing. This was a design/build project that took place from 2021 into early 2022.

  • 390 Dufferin – The Brixton

    390 Dufferin – The Brixton

    A three-building residential development for Fitzrovia Real Estate consisting of two buildings with 351 rental apartment units and a third building that was converted to a hotel with 47 suites. The work took place from 2018 through 2022.

  • TCHC Generator Replacement at 310 Dundas

    TCHC Generator Replacement at 310 Dundas

    Supply & installation of new natural gas generator for the Toronto Community Housing building at 310 Dundas St E. The work includes demolition and removal of the existing generator, all mechanical work associated with the new generator, all associated civil work for the new generator (foundations, acoustical panels, enclosure), new natural gas service from Enbridge, […]

  • 28 Eastern

    28 Eastern

    A 379-unit residential development for the Alterra Group. Zerem’s work includes the supply and installation of high-voltage and low-voltage distribution, fire alarm system, CO monitoring system, and natural gas generator, as well as the installation of light fixtures, electrical metering, and provisions for EV car chargers. The project is set to run from 2022 through […]